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Through our various storefronts, we are able to provide all our customers with the experience that they are looking for. Whether you are a bulk buyer, looking for that specialty piece, or just shopping around, we have a storefront for you.

Bricks & Kits

Mainly a bulk item store, the place to go to purchase a bunch of your minifigure parts and accessories.  Quick and Hassle free purchase environment. 

- Bulk Minifigure parts

- Heads

- Hair / Hats

- Torso's

- Leg Assembly

- MiniFigure Accessories

- Poly bag

This is our largest and most popular storefront with over 10,000 lots and new inventory added every day. 

- Minifigures

- Specialty bricks

- Minifigure parts

- Complete Minifigures

- Utensils

- Weapons

- Accessories

- Poly bags

Unlimited LLC

A huge selection of minifigure's and parts. Inventory changing daily.


Large bulk lots of minifigures and accessories. Inventory changing over daily.


This store showcases our specialty and rare items. From RC parts to LEGO Jewelry, this storefront is a great place to browse. 

- RC (remote control) Car Parts

- LEGO Jewlery 

- Minifigures 

- Accesories

Misc. Toys and Hobby

A variety of toy and hobby brands rounds out this storefront. With new inventory added daily. 

- LEGO parts & accessories

- Beanie Babies

- Ty

- RC Car Parts

- and much more...

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